Tech Specs



Sphero 2.0’s on-board technology gives you extreme precision control and automatic stabilization features, including:

Electronics Motors and Drivetrain
- 72MHz 32 bit ARM Cortex M4 processor
- Two 5x5mm RGB super bright LEDs
- On-Board Bluetooth 2.0
- 3-axis gyroscope 2000°/second precision
- 3-axis accelerometer +/-50mg precision
- Two 350mAH LiPo rechargeable battery
- Inductive charging cradle for extremely easy charge-and-go capability
- Two carbon brushed, high-torque motors
- Self-lubricating wheel hubs with stainless steel drive axles
- Dual channel motor control loop running at ~400Hz
- Quadrature encoding for precise motor control feedback
- Low slung center of mass to increase drivability and energy efficiency
Materials Software
- Outer shell is made of high impact polycarbonate
- Airtight construction makes Sphero completely waterproof
- Internal polycarbonate chassis to last through thousands of awesome tricks
- OTA (over-the-air) firmware updates
- Fully programmable routines and behaviors with two built in languages (Macro and OrbBasic)