Executive Team

  • Ian Bernstein


  • Adam Wilson


  • Paul Berberian


  • Jim Booth


  • Rob Maigret

    Chief Creative Officer

  • John Blakely

    SVP of Development

  • Kelly Nyland-Zachos

    SVP Global Marketing and Sales

  • Joe Houlihan

    VP of Sales


  • Adam Williams

    Lead Developer

  • Jonathan Carroll

    Director Software Engineering

  • Brandon Dorris

    Director of Product Development

  • Wes Felteau

    Director of Emerging Technologies

  • Mark Nelson

    Design Director

  • Patrick Martin

    Software Engineer

  • Corey Earwood

    Software Engineer

  • Evan Lewis

    Software Engineer

  • David Rhodes

    Software Engineer

  • Hunter Lang

    Software Engineer

  • Phillip Atencio

    Creative Director

  • Cassie Brubaker

    Art Director


  • David Hygh

    Firmware Engineer

  • James Atwell

    Firmware Engineer

  • Fabrizio Polo

    Firmware Engineer

  • Jeff Wiencrot

    Embedded Systems Engineer

  • Ross MacGregor

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Kevin Hemmings

    Electrical Engineer

  • Ryan Edwards

    Hardware Technician

  • Josh Savage

    Director of Development and Manufacturing

  • YunJa Chen

    Product Manager

  • Jenica Watts

    Product Manager

  • Quentin Michelet

    Firmware Intern


  • Chuck Lepley

    Director of Corporate Marketing

  • Allen Richardson

    Director of Product Marketing

  • Steevy Griffin

    Channel Marketing Manager

  • Hunter Clawson

    Associate Creative Director

  • Damon Arniotes

    Digital Media Specialist

  • Kyle Wheeler

    Lead Visual Artist

  • Ross Ingram

    Community Manager

  • Claire Tindall

    PR Manager

  • Bryan Rowe

    Retail and Event Manager

  • Morgan McQuay

    Channel Marketing Coordinator

  • Kate Chouinard

    Packaging Manager

  • Michael Wald

    Video Production Specialist

  • Cary Marks

    Production Artist/Designer

  • Rory Overdorff

    Production Artist/Designer


  • Matt Duncan

    Sales Manager, Americas

  • Aaron Duran

    Sales, Americas

  • Matt Carter

    Director of EMEA Sales

  • Oliver Claxton

    EMEA Retail Manager

Web Properties

  • Will Ronco

    Director of Web Properties

  • Matthew De Goes

    Font End Developer/Designer


  • Jake Bendrick

    Director of Operations

  • Michael Moran

    Operations Coordinator

  • Michael Butler

    Operations Coordinator

  • Lauren Bothwell

    Sales Operations Coordinator

Accounting & Finance / HR / Office Management

  • Carrie Zawistowski


  • Annette Ball

    Office Manager

  • Susan Osborne

    Senior Accountant

Quality Assurance

  • Gerald Wallner

    QA Manager

  • Michael Younger

    QA Tester