#TricksWithBalls Video and Photo Contest

1 year ago

Now is your chance to show us what you’re made of. The contest you all have been waiting for is here, and it’s called #TricksWithBalls. Get excited – this is how it’s going to go down. Each week the Orbotix team will post our own trick video using Sphero 2.0, and each week, you get […]


Top 5 Show Us Your Hack Contest Winners

1 year ago

For the past seven weeks, fans far and wide have been submitting their coolest inventions and hacks for the chance to win a free Sphero as part of the Show Us Your Hack contest. We kicked things off with a smartphone controlled blender here in our office, and you showed us your creativity with everything […]

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Show Us Your Hack and We’ll Show You Ours [VIDEO]

1 year ago

Here at Orbotix, we like to geek out. Our developers and engineers are constantly coming up with fun hacks, from a Sphero chariot that carries beer to a supercharged potato gun. Running on a charge of Red Bull and fueled by each other’s antics, there’s never a dull moment in the office. And now it’s […]


Sphero Nyan Cat SpaceParty: Contest Winner

1 year ago

For the past three weeks, ballers worldwide have been sending in their best action shots of the Sphero app, Nyan Cat SpaceParty. The swag at stake? A Nyan Cat plush toy, a box of PopTarts, and a custom hand painted Sphero valued at over $350. We saw bacon, bumble bees, and nearly every other character […]


Win a Custom Nyan Cat Sphero: SpaceParty Contest

1 year ago

Space is in right now. Everyone’s getting on board – err, ship. NASA is building robots that will drill for water on the moon, and others are designing 3D lunar bases complete with builder bots that can actually make it happen. Guess what other robot is getting involved? That’s right. Sphero. In case you’ve been […]


Winner, Winner, Bacon Dinner! Show Us Your Balls Results.

2 years ago

Winner, winner, bacon dinner! The votes for the Show Us Your Balls contest have been counted and four lucky winners are about to be stocked up with a month’s supply of bacon and some serious #spheroSWAG. For the past month and a half, we asked fans to submit your best Sphero videos for the chance […]

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Sphero Storms Buckingham Palace to Win Bacon

2 years ago

We never said the Orbotix team couldn’t participate in the Show Us Your Balls contest. You can bet that if we came up with the idea for a month’s supply of bacon, we eat a fair amount of it ourselves! While on an entirely work-related trip to the UK this past week, two of our […]


Win Bacon! Show Us Your Balls. [VIDEO]

2 years ago

Have you ever wanted to win a month’s supply of bacon? Now you can. Submit your best Sphero video for the chance to win the best swag bag ever. Choose from four different video categories, and in six weeks, the video with the most votes in each category will win some serious #spheroSWAG. People can […]

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Free Sphero Giveaway: Week 27 Winner

2 years ago

Week 27 might just be the the best week of our Free Sphero Giveaway. We asked you fans to create your own “Sphero” or “Sphero logo” at home, and we were absolutely overwhelmed with the response. We enjoyed videos of Spheros made out of ice, paper-mache, augmented reality, and even a “Sphera” made out of […]


Free Sphero Giveaway: Week 26 Winner

2 years ago

This was an exciting week for Sphero! Not only did we announce six new apps and push a firmware update that drastically changes the way you play, but it was “Take your Sphero to Work or School Week”. This is the first of a bunch of fun categories for our Weekly Sphero Giveaway (see below […]


Free Sphero Giveaway: Week 25 Winner

2 years ago

Earlier this year we hosted a Sphero In The Wild contest. The goal was to see Sphero in his new homes around the world, and you fans sent in pictures from places like France, Spain, and Germany. We even saw Sphero sit atop a cactus and hang out in a birds nest (see the gallery […]


Free Sphero Giveaway: Week 23 & 24 Winners

2 years ago

The majority of Sphero fans are, well, dudes. For some reason the combination of “robotic” and “ball” appeals to a male-based crowd, but we think Sphero is fun for everyone (toddlers and Wayne Brady included). That’s why we’re happy to announce that the winner of our Sphero Giveaway (from last week) wears heels. Not only […]


Sphero in Apple & Brookstone Giveaway Results

2 years ago

It’s been a Sphero-filled summer with opportunities to win big, and that’s exactly what you fans did. Sphero recently rolled into both Brookstone and Apple retail stores and to celebrate, we asked you to swing by a store to pose for pictures with Sphero for the chance to win an iPad 3. And because we […]


Free Sphero Giveaway: Week 21 Winner

2 years ago

One of our favorite things about Sphero? He’s round. But our most ballin’ fan creations usually don’t roll. That’s why this week, the winner of the Weekly Sphero Giveaway goes to Joe.  An artist at heart, Joe has been creating colorful and festive drawings of Sphero for weeks now (the 4th of July drawing was […]


Free Sphero Giveaway: Week 20 Winner

2 years ago

Between submissions for our weekly Sphero Giveaway and our Apple and Brookstone Giveaway, Sphero had a busy week! He was found rolling around the waters of Greece, scoping out the scene at Apple in Grand Central Station New York, and even fighting a robotic rattlesnake built by one of our super-fans. And just like always, […]


Sphero Giveaway: Win an iPad 3 and Sphero Accessories

2 years ago

We have some big news! Sphero is now available at select Apple and Brookstone stores. And because we’re so excited, we want you to join in the fun. Take a picture in the store sporting your brand new robotic gaming system and share to Twitter (include @GoSphero), on Facebook (tag Sphero in the photo), or […]


Free Sphero Giveaway: Week 17 Winner

2 years ago

Every week, we get submissions for our Weekly Sphero Giveaway from around the world. We think it’s time you all join together to bring your ideas for Sphero to life! That’s why this week, our winner is Michael. He has been sending in creative ideas for Sphero for weeks on end hoping to win a […]


Free Sphero Giveaway: Week 14 Winner

2 years ago

There are a handful of fans who simply must have a Sphero. These are the professional brain-stormers – the ones who endlessly submit ideas for Sphero apps and accessories. And to spur their imagination and in hopes that their awesome ideas will become reality, we give them a free Sphero! That’s why the winner of […]


Free Sphero Giveaway: Week 11 Winner

2 years ago

If there is one Sphero fan who deserves to win a free ball, it is Muchen. For the past month, this super-fan has been brainstorming the most clever and sometimes hilarious Sphero accessory and game ideas – and just like we asked, he mocks up every idea with detailed sketches and directions. Muchen’s ideas cover […]


Free Sphero Giveaway: Week 10 Winner

2 years ago

Friday has turned into Free Sphero Day, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! For the past ten weeks, fans have submitted clever, hilarious, and creative content on a daily basis on our Twitter and Facebook pages. From app ideas and sketches, Spheros meeting pets and fancy Macros, we continue to see some awesome […]


Sphero In The Wild Contest: Winners

2 years ago

Instead of giving away one Sphero this Friday, we decided to give away five. The catch? You had to capture an image of Sphero in the Wild. We wanted to see Sphero rolling around in his new homes around the world, and that’s exactly what you gave us! We received pictures of Sphero in all […]


Sphero In The Wild: Send in your photos! Win a Sphero!

2 years ago

With Sphero now shipping to over 90 countries worldwide, there are literally thousands of Spheros rolling around from Tasmania to Buenos Aires. Yes, it’s exciting and amazing, but then we realized that our Spheros are having more fun than we are. You know what that means”¦we want photos! Send us your photos of Sphero in […]