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The App-controlled Robot Driven By Adrenaline

Ollie Render
  • "If you're looking to take play to the next level, you'll want to check out Ollie."

  • "Can hit a max speed of 14 mph and drift around corners."

  • "We literally cannot imagine how someone would own this device and not enjoy it."

  • "Ollie is one tough little robot."

  • "Can pull off stunts reminiscent of skateboard legend Tony Hawk."

Super Fast Racing

Control Ollie from your smartphone or tablet at speeds of up to 14mph. Ollie’s durable shell means you don’t have to worry about crashing and built-in LED’s let you drive at night.

"Wow, you are by far the best toy company ever!!! Can't wait for the accessories." @official_trojan_tornado

Awesome Tricks and Combos

The Ollie app is built to let you pull off amazing tricks. Drive Ollie with the joystick while you use the trick pad to spin, flip, and discover hundreds of combinations. Advanced trick recognition even tells you what trick you’ve done in real time.

"You have the coolest stuff! I love the Sphero 2.0 and am going to get Ollie." @_williamcastillo_

Custom Tires and Hubs

Ollie comes with removable tires and hubcaps so you can customize your look and driving experience. Put Ollie’s tires on for extra traction and off-road driving or take them off for drift racing on smooth surfaces.

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Tech Specs

  • LED Glow

  • Super Fast

  • Instant Connection

  • Ultra Agile

  • 30M Range

  • Grip Tires

  • Rechargeable Play (60 Minute Drive Time)

  • Drift Wheels