Sphero Draw N' Drive

Sphero Pet

Sphero Macro Draw

Create obstacle courses and drive circles around your friends with the Sphero app. Or trace an on-screen path with Draw N’ Drive and watch Sphero replicate your design on the ground. Driving apps put you in control of Sphero – no license required.


Sphero Macrolab

orBasic for Sphero

Sphero Macro Draw

Sphero Lights

Download SPRK lessons, learn the basics of programming, and actually have fun doing it. Then unleash Sphero’s inner robot and program like a pro using the MacroLab and OrbBasic apps. The more you play, the smarter you get.


Sphero Exile

Nyan Cat SpaceParty

Dark Nebula Ep 2

Last Fish

Hold Sphero for a different spin on handheld gameplay. Tilt and twist to control your spaceship in apps like Exile and then discover other games that you can play on the go. Arcade-style apps put a world of gaming in the palm of your hand. You’ve never seen a game controller like this.

Augmented Reality

Sharky The Beaver

The Rolling Dead

Turn your world into a real life video game. Augmented reality apps put virtual 3D characters in any environment just by looking through the camera on your device. Play The Rolling Dead and battle against virtual zombies as they spawn out of the ground or turn Sphero into everyone’s favorite semi-aquatic rodent - Sharky The Beaver. Welcome to the future.


Sphero Chrome

Sphero ColorGrab

Pass the Sphero

Turn Sphero into the life of the party. Tabletop games are a reinvention of classic board games for the smartphone generation. Challenge your memory and coordination in a game of Chromo or turn Sphero into a ticking time bomb in Pass the Sphero – a new spin on Hot Potato. Game on.


Sphero TAG

Sphero Golf 2.0

Sphero H2O

Pass the Sphero

Gather friends and family around for multiplayer fun. Use Sphero’s collision detection technology in a game of multiplayer TAG or swing your phone like a club to make Sphero roll in a round of Golf. All that’s missing is the caddy.


Measuring Tape

DJ Sphero

Sphero Snake


Discover more games by visiting the iTunes App Store or Google Play. With over 30 apps available for Sphero, you’ll never run out of ways to play.

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