Are you a baller? Do you hate all things with sharp angles? Do spend more time dreaming you’re a super hero than worrying about your tax returns? If you can answer any of these questions in the affirmative, then working at Orbotix might be in your future. At Orbotix we make really fun robots that change the way people play, learn and explore. Let’s face it – playtime is a core part of the human experience. The problem is that toys haven’t kept up with the way we play. We walk around with super-computers in our pockets yet they have no connection to our real world – play is either completely virtual or completely real. We’re changing that by making robots that connect to our smart devices and create play experiences that not only expand how we have fun, but also serve as a way to teach us how to program and explore our increasingly connected world.

If you have big ideas, this is the place to make them happen. Check out the opportunities below and send us your résumé along with a brief explanation about yourself and why you would be a good fit for Orbotix.

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