Fansite Guidelines

Orbotix® is the creator of Sphero®. As you might expect, we love nothing more than seeing fans that are excited about Sphero. If you are thinking about creating a fansite or want to reference anything Sphero-related, we have pulled together some basic information to help guide your efforts.

Use of Orbotix Images and Trademarks
As long as you follow the guidelines here, fair use allows some use of Sphero® and the three logos shown directly below on your fansite.

  • 1. Sphero logo
  • 2. Sphero logo and text (to right)
  • 3. Sphero logo and text (below)

Click each image above for full size version!

Please note that the use of Orbotix or the Orbotix logo ( ) are not allowed.
One common allowable use is for comment and discussion about Sphero’s capabilities or games. We do not have an absolute rule on what is considered fair use or a precise limit as to the number of images you can use. We will consider each fansite on a case-by-case basis by looking at your site as a whole. If you would like more perspective on fair use in the copyright context, please see Stanford University’s presentation:

Examples of uses that likely are fair use:

  • You are posting Sphero videos or screenshots of game play
  • Your fansite discusses a new game that has been released for Sphero and you want to use an image as part of the discussion.

Examples of uses that likely are not fair use:

  • Use that is misleading to visitors as to your affiliation with Orbotix.
  • Use of Orbotix or the Orbotix logo ( ) — neither of these may be used.

Your Fansite Logo
Your fansite logo may not use any official Orbotix logos. Your fansite logo should also not use any Orbotix trade dress, which is our official font style and color scheme. If you have a Facebook or other social network page, please ensure that this is reflected on that page as well.

Orbotix Provided Content
Orbotix may provide you with selected images or logos. Please note that our content may never be used in association with, or on sites that have defamatory, pornographic, or inflammatory content, including, but not limited to, any content that Orbotix believes is unlawful or objectionable.

Unofficial Status
When you use Orbotix images or trademarks, please provide some notation that your site is an unofficial fansite. Some potential notations: “fansite,” “unofficial site,” “unofficial community site,” or another option that has been approved by us. If you have a question about this, please send us a note at

Legal Notices
You are required to include all copyright, trademark and other markings. Please include the following notice: “Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Content and materials © Orbotix, Inc. All rights reserved.”

Domain Names
Please do not use domains that mirror or similar to official Orbotix domains.

Fansite FAQ
Q: Do I need written permission from Orbotix to use its images and trademarks?
A: If you are in compliance with usage guidelines provided here, no—you do not need written or other official permission to use our images and trademarks as permitted.

Q: What happens if my fansite does not comply with this policy?
A: If you follow our guidelines, your fansite is probably in good shape. If you have questions about these guidelines, please email us at and we can provide some clarification. If we become aware of questionable use by your site, we will contact you to try to resolve the matter directly.