Orbotix and HITB work together to inspire young engineers

8 months ago

BOULDER, Colo., May 6, 2014 Today, Orbotix is excited to announce a partnership with Hack In The Box. This partnership aims to teach kids how to program robots at the upcoming HITBSecConf in Amsterdam. More Than Just a Toy Orbotix’s first robot, Sphero, was built to grow with children. Kids start by learning shapes and colors using […]


How to Load Apps on Google Glass [VIDEO]

1 year ago

Google Glass is a new paradigm in the world of connected computers, and the Orbotix team was lucky enough to receive this one last week at Google I/O in San Francisco. We’ve spent the majority of that week playing with our Glass, and have since loaded some apps of our own. Here’s how we made […]


Understanding Augmented Reality

1 year ago

With the launch of apps like Sphero’s The Rolling Dead and technology like Google Glass forging the way, it is a very exciting time for augmented reality. Of course, similar claims have been made about virtual and augmented reality since the 80’s. Every year, someone predicts: this is the year our holodeck dreams will finally […]


Announcing Official Support for Windows Tablet and Phone

1 year ago

The Sphero team is out in San Francisco for Microsoft’s Build Developer conference this week, and we have some exciting news! We’re happy to announce official support for Windows Surface tablet and Phone in the form of a software developer kit (SDK). Using Microsoft’s new RFCOMM, we were able to build the communications layer required […]


Google I/O 2013

1 year ago

Google I/O is one of the conferences the Sphero team looks forward to attending and exhibiting every year. This year was no different. Monday kicked things off with us showing Sphero at the Google campus in Mountain View with Google [X] employees. Tuesday night we had an interactive photo-booth where attendees could take picture with […]


Sphero Augmented Reality Technology Now Available for Developers

1 year ago

Sphero is at the forefront of some game changing technology with augmented reality. And now, it’s getting even better. Today we’re excited to announce a new Sphero Augmented Reality SDK available on Github, as well as a new Sphero Augmented Reality plug-in for Unity. What does this mean for you? More games for Sphero, and […]


Windows Phone Love: Unofficial Sphero App Now Available

1 year ago

Sphero operates on two main platforms – iOS and Android. But because it’s a programmable robot, Sphero can be hacked to work with just about any device. Using our open API, third party developers have controlled Sphero with everything from AR Drones to Xbox controllers. And now thanks to one of these outside devs, Sphero has […]

Introducing App Bounty for Sphero Developers

1 year ago

With 20 plus apps available for download and more on the way, Sphero has something to offer for everyone. Hard-core gamers can check out Exile and get involved with augmented reality apps like Sharky the Beaver, while friends might casually play a round of night golf or a tabletop game like Pass the Sphero. Behind […]


Android and iOS SDK Update Release V1.4

2 years ago

  We are releasing an update to Sphero’s iOS and Android SDK. This version, 1.4, has a focus on developer resources and bug fixes. In the UISample (the sample where you can use a joystick and two finger technique to calibrate and drive Sphero) we added a simple button that allows you to calibrate Sphero […]


Why We Call Sphero a Programmable Robot

2 years ago

The term “robot” is recklessly tossed about by most product designers. A common opinion has emerged over the past 20 years that defines a robot as a) able to respond to external stimuli and b) have its functions reprogrammed. The word robot actually means “slave” but here at Orbotix, we believe the intention has always […]


Sphero Hack Tour 2012: Seattle

2 years ago

The Sphero Hack Tour 2012 is rolling right along. Last weekend we made our third stop in Seattle for a very special hackathon held in the city hall. It was the first non-government tech event ever held at that venue, and we kicked it off in classic Sphero-style with cases of energy drinks and tons […]


Ruby gem for Sphero comes out of AT&T Hackathon

2 years ago

Last week, Sphero rolled to the Pacific Northwest for a hackathon with AT&T. Developers cracked the code on a bunch of creative and interesting apps involving Sphero, and one stood out in particular – the winner of the $1,000.00 cash prize. Congratulations to Aaron Patterson (https://github.com/tenderlove), who created a Ruby client library for Sphero! Below […]


Sphero Hack Tour Rolls out Astro Ball App

2 years ago

The Sphero Hack Tour 2012 has made stops in Boulder and Austin, and we’re already seeing some killer apps roll out by third-party developers. The latest addition to the growing selection of Sphero apps does not disappoint – AstroBall for Sphero. A 3D arcade-style flight simulator game, AstroBall lets you use Sphero as a controller to […]


Sphero goes to Google IO 2012 [VIDEO]

2 years ago

Sphero knows how to party. So does Droid. That’s why last week’s Google I/O was a killer event for two robots in particular – Sphero and the little green Android dude. Not only did Sphero meet with developers at the convention, but DJ 5phero was there to drop the beats at the Official Sphero Party. First things first […]


Party with Sphero at Google I/O

2 years ago

Google I/O. It’s the ultimate event for all things developer. And as a company of geeks, we couldn’t be more excited to announce that we’ll be attending this year’s Google I/O 2012 at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco, June 27th-29th. A hot-spot for the latest web, mobile and social breakthroughs, the convention is […]


WWDC Recap

2 years ago

Last week, the Orbotix developers headed to San Francisco for Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). Not only was this an opportunity for our team to stay up-to-date on all things Apple tech, but it was also a chance to introduce third-party developers to Sphero. We couldn’t have asked for a better reception! Third-party devs were […]


Sphero Hack Tour 2012: Austin

2 years ago

Sphero rolled into Austin last weekend for our second stop on the Sphero Hack Tour. The weekend was jam-packed with developers, robots, and plenty of barbecue! Out of the nine apps submitted for Sphero, we picked the following as best of show. 1st Place for $500 App: Sphero Lights by Shaun Dubuque Description: Lights is an Android app that allows […]


New App Available: Last Fish pairs with Sphero

2 years ago

The highly celebrated app, Last Fish, has officially paired with Sphero to become the first third-party game to utilize Sphero as a controller. Filipe Lemos, the apps’ creator, decided to incorporate the use of Sphero because “using Sphero as a controller for Last Fish really enhances the game play.” Last Fish is an absolutely beautifully crafted […]


Sphero Hack Tour 2012: Boulder

2 years ago

The Sphero Hack Tour 2012 kicked off this past weekend with an explosive start in Sphero’s hometown – Boulder, Colorado. Hosted by the local Google offices, the event was completely at capacity with almost sixty developers in addition to Google and Orbotix employees. The purpose of our Hack Tour is to explore the endless possibilities […]


Sphero+QuickLeft Hackfest Recap

2 years ago

We had one of our first larger hack events last Wednesday at Quick Left. This was a special one because we teamed up with Sam Breed from Quick Left to bring PhoneGap to Sphero. For those who don’t know, PhoneGap is a mobile framework that allows developers who write in HTML5 and Javascript to create Sphero apps! Now, […]


Sphero Hack Tour: Over $12k In Prizes In Each City!

2 years ago

developer.gosphero.com Sphero is taking its SDK on the road! Now that our robot is rolling around in the wild, it’s time to get hacking. Join us as we visit seven cities this year to come together, create, and play. The fierce competition will be worth the reward – we’re giving away over $12,000 to the […]


Sphero Hackfest: Quick Left and Orbotix Team Up

2 years ago

Quick Left. Orbotix. Two of the most dynamic and fun-loving startups in Boulder are joining together for the ultimate hackfest. In two short weeks on April 25th, local developers will battle it out for the best hack using Sphero and our SDK. A team of three judges will decide the top five – and each […]


Sphero Goes to MEGA Startup Weekend

2 years ago

How much tech can you pack into one weekend? Sphero is about to find out! We’re rolling to Mega Startup Weekend this coming Friday, April 13th, in Mountain View, California. Developers, graphic designers, and entrepreneurs from across the nation will be meeting for 54 hours straight on all things gaming, mobile, and robots. Needless to […]

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 11.51.42 AM

Sphero Desktop Port [FAN VIDEO]

2 years ago

There are many ways to play with Sphero. That’s the beauty of this little robot. Whether you’re a hard-core programmer or a youngster, Sphero offers entertainment unique to every user. And while we love to see little kids gleefully call Sphero magical, we are thrilled whenever a hacker or maker does something unique with our […]


Sphero API and SDK are Now Available

3 years ago

Today, we are excited to announce that our Full API and Mobile SDK are officially live and available for developers! Sphero also began shipping this week and made its way into the real world. And Sphero’s first 5 apps are now available on both the iTunes App Store and Android Market. From the very beginning, we’ve engineered Sphero […]

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 11.44.34 AM

Hack Friday: Controlling On-Screen Objects with Sphero [VIDEO]

3 years ago

We’ve had a lot of new fans reserve their Sphero lately and we’re excited about the enthusiasm everyone has for the new type of game play we’re creating here at Orbotix. For those of you that have been following our progress you may already know about our Hack Friday’s. For all of you new Sphero […]


Sphero Beer Pong [Video]

3 years ago

Every Friday afternoon at the Orbotix office things get very interesting. More often than not, laughter or strange noises lure us from our offices and out into the Sphero driving area. Take for instance the sawing noises we heard this past Friday that had us wondering what our crazy software guys were up to. As […]


A New World of Gaming: Creating Mixed Reality

3 years ago

Our Favorite toys growing up existed entirely in either the real or virtual world.  Chess, Monopoly, and even LEGO’s are all made up of real world physical objects that we can touch. Video games, on the other hand, live in the virtual world – think Halo, Portal (my favorite), Call of Duty Black Ops or […]

Sphero Rocks Out at Google I/O

3 years ago

The Android force was strong in San Francisco this weekend for Google I/O, and Sphero was right in the middle of the action. As soon as we arrived in San Francisco, we left to check out Googles digs in Mountain View. We were in good company with cutting edge technologies from iRobot, GM’s EN-V, Sifteo […]

Sphero Opens the Robotic Kimono at Google I/O

3 years ago

We are building the world’s first robotic ball with an open and absolute killer API. We want the smartest developers around reinventing the concept of play with Sphero. Android developers and the Google community at-large can now get complete access to our code through an open API here at Google I/O. We want to create […]